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The World Wide Web – the place to do business

The days when companies developed their websites purely for reasons of image are long gone. Indeed, the Internet is now one of the most important communication and sales tools for medium-sized enterprises and larger company groups.

From a global perspective, the discussion about Web 2.0 has shown that companies are now developing their websites into communication and sales portals which focus on specific target groups and the generation of turnover. As far as functions and applications are concerned, users' expectations of online systems are growing all the time.

In addition, communication tasks in marketing departments are increasingly being viewed in the crossmedia context of printed and online campaigns. This requires a technology which allows the centralized management and localization of data. This ensures that the data can be reused at a later date to publish content in various languages and via a range of different media.

Top-level content management and web publishing

Publishing, i.e. the delivery of content, is one of the central functions of a content management system (CMS) and has a bearing on the performance and dynamics of a website. The Noxum Publishing Studio allows high rates of access, prevents failures through load balancing, generates dynamic shop content and can be connected to established payment systems. [...]


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