Noxum - Noxum Secure Infoportal

You plan to provide your product information safely and protected for different user groups.

We support companies in the safe and target-group-specific use of theirinformation – online and offline – everywhere, anytime, on each device. The solution is theNoxum Secure Infoportal.

Content Delivery – a Concept for Infoportals

Content Delivery as a concept and content delivery portals as operativetools have recently become the embodiment of situational, user-centricavailability of process relevant information and documents.

Finding and consuming decision-critical content must be “foolproof” for theuser. The focus is here on the safe and rapid online access to content.

We have pooled all these demands in Noxum Secure Infoportal.

The combination of intelligent search engine functions, meaningful metadataand information-centric facet filters make rapid information researchavailable to the users. [...]

Noxum Secure Infoportal with exemplary branding through Corporate Design from Noxum.


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