Noxum - Management of Content and Payment Processes

Integrated solutions for publishers

Micropayment, content syndication, shop solutions, cross-media publishing translation management

From a publisher to an information broker

Publishers have a high level of publishing and journalistic know-how, recognized brands and attractive content. Given this highly valuable mix, it is important to develop workable business models for the future.

As the media landscape and media consumption evolve, the publishing sector is increasingly expected, if not required, to reuse professionally produced content. Nowadays, many publishers can no longer afford to think "only" in terms of printed media or individual product forms.

Opportunities to expand into new business areas

Given the rapid further development of existing technologies, customers are increasingly demanding new forms of communication. By clearly focusing on customer benefits, it is possible to generate new business ideas and product forms in response to customers' current needs and motives. Innovative products, services and processes are needed if businesses are to remain competitive. [...]


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