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More Transparency and Process Safety with the Creation and Management of Product Information

Product Information Management with Noxum Publishing Studio

It is no longer enough for a successful company to know its customers and fulfill their wishes. It must address these better than the competition. In order to achieve sustainable competitive advantages over other market participants, future-oriented companies have recognized that a transformation in their product politics must take place to make their company and products unique. Therefore they must provide tailored products in the right amount, quality and on time, to retain existing customers and to win new customers at the same time.

The strategy “customer as an individual” also is contingent upon a changed product portfolio. Companies are compelled to establish deeper and wider assortments characterized by customer-, market-, and country-specific forms. The target-group specific adaptations and the resultant faster product lifecycles lead again to an increase in the amount of product information. Due to time pressure, this is most often created decentrally and redundantly and must be sought and consolidated with great effort and much time . Beyond this, and in addition to new products, new communication channels, like social media, mobile marketing, etc. arise due to the rapid technological development. The new channels require in turn preparation of this product information tailored to the media. [...]


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