Noxum Cloud Websites - Overview

Web Portals and Online Shops in the Cloud

Cloud Websites - guaranteed high availability and performant even with high traffic

Performance and Speed of Websites

Companies, publishers, and online merchants are required to keep their portals and websites current and fail safe while maintaining high security standards 24/7. Performance and speed are especially required when a web site experiences high traffic. These are also weighty factors for an effective online presence - just as important as the content being current: Cloud websites are optimally tailored to these requirements.

Optimization and Content Provision

Noxum Cloud websites blend the Noxum Web Logic with Cloud computing to a single product. First, the Noxum Web Logic defines and modularizes the web pages over various page elements as e.g., Articles, Top Themes, Products, etc. Subsequently these elements are optimized for the Cloud as provided in e.g. Microsoft Azure. After this the page elements, following the principle of multiple and repeated use, are filled automatically by background processes, leading to a significant reduction in web site administration.

Dynamic and Scalable

Noxum Cloud websites are convincing due to the Cloud technological high performance and fail-safety. The system operating factors band width, processor and storage capacity can be dynamically adjusted to the current requirements like high data transfer rates through marketing campaigns or larger data storage requirements due to more extensive product information. Companies and users benefit from the Noxum Cloud websites, through the simplified and economical maintenance and the continuously available and rapidly responsive web site.


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