Websites in the Cloud

Cloud websites make you flexible

Highly scalable whenever needed

A website should be highly scalable. Even in the digital era many visitors mean heavy labor behind the glitter of the web interface. Enormous computing reserves are needed for this. To absorb daily fluctuations or to compensate for temporary peak loads such as during a rebate action or seasonal marketing campaign, expensive hardware stands mostly unused in the proprietary server room.

What would an efficient solution look like? Our certified team would gladly advise you objectively and without obligation about the possibilities of migrating your website to a Cloud solution of Microsoft - Microsoft Azure.

Currently numerous well-known customers, as for example Stiftung Warentest and Deutsche Börse, trust our Cloud solutions. Cost efficiency, effort reduction, scalability and flexibility are the decisive arguments for them, arguments which we would also like to share with you.

We look forward to your Contact.

If you have Microsoft Software Assurance Planning Services days available, this service can be cost neutral.


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